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Next processing at Mount Olympus (approx.) : noon Mon 1st Dec 2014

Hoplite Encounter is a computer-moderated, turn-based strategic wargame set in classical Greece and for about a dozen players.

It is run by Ares from Mount Olympus through a mortal agent acting with full authority as Game Master.
As a player you rule an Imperial City State and aim, through military conquest, to establish hegemony over the known world. You control the army, navy and exchequer of your country and what should be its ever-expanding Empire.

The game ran during the 1990s as a computer moderated play-by-mail game with printed reports and hand written order sheets sent  between players and operational HQ by post. It is now being revived with internet communications.

The administration is in three parts:  central processing at Mount Olympus HQ, a display and order entry screen on players' PCs and a link between the two. At present the link is through the website and is processed periodically at HQ; it is planned that eventually it will be processed continuously.

We are now running playtests and need volunteers. If you are willing to help you will need a Windows PC able to logon to the internet and run the player-end program which is written in Java. Please set yourself up as a player and submit a trial game request (see 'Administration', 'Downloads' and 'Player' webpages). We will send you a start-up position for a trial game. At present game positions are free and turnround is once or twice a week.

Come and join us.

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